Wharenui has four competitive squads (Prep, Intermediate, Development and National).  Swimmers progress through these is generally dependent on them meeting the guidelines specified below, although exceptions may be made on occasion at the discretion of the Head Coach.  Once the guidelines have been achieved the coach will assess the swimmer with regards to promotion.  Promotion will therefore be at the discretion of the coach(es) who will explain the reasons for any exception(s) clearly to the swimmer(s) involved.


Prep Squad

Coaches:  Martin, Chloe, Chris

Programme: Recommend three sessions per week (minimum two sessions)

Objectives: Emphasis is on refining basic training and technical requirements for competitive swimming.  Swimmers are encouraged to compete at junior meets run by Canterbury-West Coast Swimming.  There will be at least one fitness component test set every week.

 Progression is at coaches discretion but swimmers must be competing regularly, have good technique and good fitness levels.


Intermediate Squad

Coaches: Martin, Chloe, Chris

Programme: Three - four sessions per week

Objectives: Intermediate Squad training sessions are more intense than Prep Squad sessions and more emphasis is placed on aerobic fitness.  Swimmers in the Intermediate Squad will have experience at both training and racing so higher standards of performance are expected.  The coach sets goals with each swimmer and provides an outline of what is expected in order to achieve these.  Swimmers should monitor their own progress by keeping a log book of the training sessions and their best times.

 Achieving qualifying times for a National meet, e.g. NZ Juniors or DIV II is necessary for moving up.


Development Squad

Coaches: Martin, Chloe, Chris

Programme: Five - Six sessions per week

Objectives: At this level there is an introduction to quality training and the swimmer is required to attend the full programme.  Swimmers will develop experience in reaching at quality competitions.  Representing Wharenui Swim Club at a national meet such as at the NZ Junior Champs or Division II Champs, or qualifying for the NZ Age Group Championship is a major objective for members of this squad.  There are four morning and five evening training sessions for swimmers to choose from.  Swimmers will be expected to continue setting goals. with the help and guidance of the coach.

 Achieving qualifying times for National Age Group Champs is necessary for moving up


National Squad

Coaches: Martin

Programme: Seven - Eight sessions per week

Objectives:  National Squad members are accomplished, competitive swimmers.  At this level the targets are high and swimmers should be aware of their national rankings.  They must maintain a programme to improve their ranking and set higher goals, such as qualifying for NZ Opens.  Training is medley based and squad members must have the ability to perform all strokes well in training and in competition but there is an emphasis on a swimmers best stroke with individual training within the set.  Squad members must attend the full programme.  

Squad & Technique Timetable 2019

Squad Progression Chart




Euan with Intermediate Squad