Wharenui has a number of items of club uniform available.  Some of these are compulsory once swimmer start representing the Club at high level meets (i.e. above Canterbury Junior Carnivals) and others are optional.  Club uniform must be worn by swimmers when receiving medals.  Some items are always available from reception while other must be ordered through the Uniform Officer, Debbie Rahurahu, (email: rahux2@xtra.co.nz).  Uniform order dates are posted on the Club noticeboard and sent out via email.  There may be significant delays on orders on orders of hoodies and tracksuits, which must be ordered in batches.  Second-hand uniform items can be bought and sold through the Uniform Officer.  


Compulsory Uniform Items

-Caps: Swimmers must compete in red Wharenui caps.  Caps with the Wharenui logo in red silicon ($14) are available from reception.

-Polo Shirt/Singlet: The official Club shirt is a navy polo shirt or singlet, monogrammed in red and is compulsory for those competing regularly.  Polo shirts are available from reception at a cost of $46.


Other Uniform Items

-Togs: Speedo training togs with the Club logo are available from Reception (from $35 Boys and from $55 Girls).  These are chlorine resistant and last very well.  Many younger swimmers also race in their Club togs.

-Shorts: Swimmers are permitted to wear navy shorts as part of the uniform during meets.  Blue Club shorts may be ordered through the Uniform Officer but any plain blue shorts are acceptable.

-Googles: A range of training googles are available at reception.