The Club operates on a tight budget and the coaching fees that swimmers are charged are used to pay coaches wages so we appreciate prompt payment of accounts.  Coaching fees differ by squad and information on the current levels of both these and the current level of the Wharenui Swim Club subscription are available at the Club Reception or from Fiona Campbell (Club Secretary). These fees are subject to reveiw and change at any time by management.  Invoices will be sent out by mail or you may make regular monthly payments by direct credit if you prefer. Please contact the club to arrange this.


Squad Fees
Prep Squad $70.00 per month
Intermediate $85.00 per month $200 Wharenui Subscription (2x$100)
Development $95.00 per month
National  $120.00 per month



In addition to coach fees, Club members pay Wharenui's annual club subscription fee in two payments in May and October and annual affiliation fees of $106.50 per annum to Swimming New Zealand for competitive swimmers.


We are not able to offer credits or refunds for the sessions missed and it is up to swimmers to ensure that they attend regularly to get full value from this training programme.  If you have problems in attending the required sessions for your squad you should discuss the matter with the Head Coach (Martin Harris).  



Fees Breakdown 

1. Wharenui Coaching Fees

2. Wharenui Affiliation Subscription

3. Swimming NZ Affiliation Fee 

4. Swim Canterbury West Coast Affiliation Fee (New for 2015) 


All competitive swimmers must be registered with Swimming New Zealand - this costs $85 for a year, from April to the end of March the following year.  Wharenui registers each club member as soon as they start competing.  A registration number will be generated that is unique to the swimmer and is used as identification for every meet.


Example: WHASJA010988

WHA - Club = Wharenui

SJA - Name = Smith, James Andrew (Z if no second name)

010988 - DOB = 6 digit birthday, in order of day, month, year


In meet programmes you may see the initials CB added to your swimmer's registration number (e.g. WHACBSJA010988) where the CB has been added to show the swimmers regional affiliations (Canterbury West Coast).  Other common regional abbreviations seen in Canterbury meet programmes include OT (Otago), NM (Nelson Marlborough) and SL (Southland).


Click here for a SNZ Application form.