Get your babies off to the possible start in an aquatic environment.  Lessons take place in our smallest pool which at approx 33 degrees is just like bath time.  The emphases of these lessons is on having fun and water safety.  The many benefits include bonding with your child, emotional and social skills, water confidence and phsyical skils such as strength and cordination.


WATERBABIES -for children aged 6 to 18 months - parent/caregiver is in the water. Children experience the feel of water in a fun and secure environment, we sing songs and engage them in a variety of activities.


TODDLERS -for children aged 18 months to 3 years - parent/caregiver is in the water. These classes are designed for children to gain confidence in the water and to appreciate water safety. A fun element of singing songs and using water toys is incorporated as well.


DUCKLINGS - Ages 3 to 5

- Learn to enter water without help

- Put face in water with eyes open/ blow bubbles

- Safe movement through the water

- Front and back tow.



- Learn to pick up objects under water

- Float front and back with assistance

- Fully submerge

-Streamline push with assistance.



- Learn to kick on front and back with board

- Pick up object from bottom of pool

- Float front and back

- Kick front and back without board.


All our lessons contain an element of water safety and confidence building.

A certificate of accomplishment is issued on successful completion of each level.








For bookings or enquires email or call (03) 348 6488