School Age Lessons

School age lessons, whether organized by a parent/caregiver or during the day through your child’s school, are a wonderful way for children to develop their swimming potential, to enable them to compete confidently in school swimming and zones competitions and to actively encourage their health and fitness.  In the higher levels the groups transistion into the big pool to further distance but also to let children experiance deep water in a safe environment.




Level 1 Front and back kick with board 10m - streamlining.

Level 2 Kicking without a board and developing arm strokes.

Level 3 Bilateral freestyle with board 18m - backstroke / freestyle 18m - basic butterfly.

Level 3A 25m freestyle with bilateral breathing - 25m backstroke - basic breaststroke kick - strong butterfly kick.

Level 4 75m freestyle with bilateral breathing - 75m backstroke - 50m breaststroke kick - starts and turns.

Level 5 Competent freestyle/backstroke/breaststroke - strong butterfly kick freestyle tumble turn - dive - endurance.


Our school age lessons are designed to benefit a child’s physical development whilst extending their skills as they progress through the levels of achievement.


We have a very experienced pool side coordinator available every day to discuss your child’s progress and any questions you may have.













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