Splash Nights

At the end of each term Wharenui holds a Splash Night event that acts as an entry point for children wanting to race.  This is an informal night which is run by senior swimmers of the National Squad.  The events are one length of Freestyle, Backstroke, Breastroke and Butterfly and two lengths of anystroke.  Swimmers can do as many or as little events as they like.  After racing all the swimmers divide up into three or four teams and race each other in a giant relay often with National Squad members jumping in as well!  Times are recorded onto a swimmers card and lollies are handed out after each event.  This event is targeted towards higher level Learn To Swim and Technique swimmers and is run simply as a fun introduction into competitive swimming.  You do not have to be a Wharenui swimmer to swim in this night.  Information on upcoming Splash Nights will be posted on the information boards around the pool and sent out via email.

Note: Splash Nights are generally held on a Friday night but LTS and Techinique lessons continue as normal.  







Junior Carnivals

Periodically Swim Canterbury West Coast (the governing body of swimming in the region) holds events aimed at promoting and giving younger swimmers an opportunity at competitive swimming.  These events are called Junior Carnivals and usually have 'not faster than' times attached - this simply means that swimmers with times faster than stated are not allowed to compete.  Wharenui targets Technique and Junior squads swimmers to attend this meet, though Level 5 LTS swimmers have swum in it in the past.


Like with most Swim Canterbury West Coast Meets swimmers have the option of swimming as a non-competitive or competitive swimmer.  The difference between the two is that Competitive and Non-Competitive swimmers are swum in different events; this is because Competitive swimmers times are registered on the Swimming NZ Database and the next time they swim they will be seeded according to that time.  Non-Comps times are recorded on the back of a ribbon and given to the swimmer.  Usually swimmers begin as non-competitive for their first few meets and then change to competitive, though some jump straight into competitive swimming.  


  a. Non-Competitive: Swum in separate races to competitive swimmers, the choice of anystroke over 25m and 50m.  Ribbons given out with the time on the back, regardless of achieving a PB (Personal Best).  Usually free and no registration required, just turn up on the day and look for the Wharenui Swimmers. 



b. Competitive:  Swum as part of the competitive programme.  There are no limits on the distance or stroke.  Times recorded onto Swimming NZ database.  Ribbons only given out if PBs are achieved.  Swimmers must pay a registration fee with Swimming NZ and a race entry fee


Information on these meets can be found on the information boards around the pool, on the website under Meet Info.  If you have any questions about either of these meets feel free to ask your coaches or at reception. 

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