To the Squads!

For those that have passed Technique Level 8 CONGRATULATIONS, for those also looking to join the Wharenui Squads welcome!  This section will give you a brief introduction to squad life at Wharenui, how we operate and what our expectations are.


The movement of swimmers from Level 8 to Prep Squad happens four times a year coinciding with end of term testing, swimmers must gain a time faster than the qualifying standard for their age, be able to swim all four strokes to a satisfactory level and be competent in all turns including IM.


Prep Squad is the first squad in the Wharenui Squad Pathway and is tasked with introducing the many elements of squad swimming to new members and Level 8 promotions.  Though Prep runs for a similar time period as Level 8, there is more emphasis on increasing distances and swimming through sets on the board.  There are 6 Prep Squad training sessions a week generally between 4.00pm and 6.30pm on the weekdays (see timetable) and at 9.00am on Saturday morning.  Swimmers may choose to do up to three sessions a week, though attending at least two a week is recommended.



When swimmers reach Prep Squad they should think about getting their own gear as well

-Mesh gear bag

-Drink bottle 


-Pull Buoy


For Prep Squad this is all they really require, though more will be added as they progress through the squads (e.g. paddles, bands).  A spare pair of goggles can also make a good addition to a gear bag!  Like all sports, starting costs can be expensive, Wharenui recognises this and there is a sizable amount of gear available in the gear shed e.g. fins, kickboards, pull buoys.  For this reason no gear is "required" for Prep squad other than togs and googles but be aware as your child gets older this gear will become necessary.  Gear can be brought to training or can be stashed in the cupboard on the pool deck.  


Swim Meets

An important part of Prep Squad is the transition from the “swimming lesson” mentality to competitive swimming.  This is the ultimate goal of prep squad and is what drives the swimmers to attend more and try harder in training.  Swimming competitively in swim meets is actively encouraged for those already not racing in the Technique levels.  Competing is a great way to measure progress from training.  There are many ways that swimmers can get into competing, Junior Carnivals are a great place to start off.  More information can be found here on or have a chat to their swim coach – they will be more than happy to help!