Becoming A Competitive Swimmer

Welcome to the wild world of competitive swimming.  For many ex-swimmers being a competitive swimmer can be one of the best parts of their childhoods, the experiences, memories and friendships created along the way can last a lifetime. 


Competitive swimming by definition is aimed towards always bettering ourselves and our competition.  Here at Wharenui the competitive programme provides support, resources and encouragement to help our swimmers achieve their goals and be the best they possible can be.  Swimming is a sport that can begin at very humble beginnings at the smallest of meets but can reach the pinnacle of elite swimming at Olympics games.  This is a goal that is achievable to anyone and is illustrated by the number of athletes the Wharenui club has put onto Olympic teams.  


An important part of all Wharenui teams and is emphasised by the coaches is the idea of the team.  While the individual swims the race, we recognise the importance of having the best teammates surrounding you not only at the most important meet of the year but also all year round at every training session.  Even though Wharenui is one of the largest clubs in Christchurch, our team spirit is present right from our junior squads to our elite swimmers.  We believe that the team spirit at Wharenui is second to none in New Zealand and that this drives the swimmers to train harder, swim faster and become the best they can be!


To  become a competitive swimmer with Wharenui, the swimmer must register with Swimming NZ of which there is an affiliation fee of approx.  $106.50.  For more on fees. This will generate a registration number which is used to identify swimmers when entering meets.  Becoming registered will allow swimmers to access as well as being on the SNZ database.  Currently swimmers email/return a filled in meet entry form to Fiona who then enters all Wharenui swimmers into the meet.  If swimmers have any questions about what races to do at a meet feel free to discuss this with your coach. 


If you are currently with Wharenui and are interested in becoming a competitive swimmer, talk to one of your coaches or Fiona Campbell who is our competition secretary.  They can help with any confusing parts and can help you get registered and off to your first meet.  If you are new to the region or to the club and thinking of joining, then please feel free to come down and say hi, check out our pool and talk to one of the coaches!